We Cooperate – With Healthy Recipes For Families

09.07.2021 07:36

We students of the FOSBOS Neuburg were absolutely delighted, when we were given the opportunity during the schoolyear 2020/21 to work together with the Kindergarten Sonnenhügel in Neuburg.

In the course of this very special year, we could help by translating guidelines and documents for families into the English language to enable and ensure communication between the kindergarten and the families at home. We truly enjoyed accompanying the “Healthy Education“ project at kindergarten and were excited to contribute our own ideas in designing a recipe book – just for you.

To make it easier for families, like yours, to keep up the healthy dieting in everyday life by offering you quick and healthy recipes targeted to your personal needs and situations. We hope you love preparing these lovely meals together and endulge into enjoying them with the whole family.

Bon Appetit!

The students of  B12Wb

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