29.04.2021 15:57

Having a pen friend is “old school”? The students of the class 11Wb at FOS Neuburg disagree. Not being able to have an in-person exchange with our partner school in Chilliwack, Canada, due to Covid forced us to be creative and think of an alternative way to get to know our overseas friends. Our students took “creative” very seriously when they began to craft personalized Christmas cards which we then sent to the Canadian students as a surprise. During the weeks after Christmas our students continued learning from home as a consequence of the nationwide lockdown. It was only after Easter that the student returned to in class learning and were excited to hear that they had received lovely Easter-themed cards from Canada!

Having the chance to talk to a native speaker is a great way to improve your everyday English and can be a great motivation to continue learning English. Some students couldn’t resist but put their e-mail address or Instagram account on the card and are now continuing the conversation online. Who wouldn’t love the perspective of visiting a friend in Canada once the pandemic is over!